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Our Process

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Planning for your financial success may seem complicated in today’s world. A broad knowledge of everything from complex investment and insurance products to evolving tax laws is required.

We are dedicated to helping you: 

  • Identify your goals
  • Develop a financial strategy based on sound advice and knowledge
  • Implement your strategy
  • Review and update your financial plan on a regular basis

How we work with our clients depends on each client's specific situation, needs and goals.  And throughout this process we never lose sight of one essential element -  personal service!

A more basic program may look like this:



As the scope of our clients' financial needs grow, so does the need for professional guidance.  Financial Fitness Advisors chooses to affiliate with Lincoln Financial Advisors (LFA) in part because LFA is a recognized leader in providing sophisticated financial and estate planning services.  Along with our personal expertise, Financial Fitness Advisors has access to LFA's resources and team specialists.  Our clients have found that whether or not they have already done some financial planning and have advisors in place, that availing themselves of our more comprehensive financial planning can eliminate gaps in coordination and create very significant time and monetary efficiencies!  We liken it to going up in a helicopter and looking over the broad scope of interacting disciplines at one time rather than the usual fragmented approach.  This is often done with the inclusion of clients' current trusted advisors.

So, when circumstances suggest implementing a more detailed financial planning process (which can include retirement savings, use of assets in retirement, as well as estate, investment, business ownership, and other specific planning goals).  The process looks more like this:


In brief, evaluation is done through discussion to determine whether the initial needs of the client are focused on overall long term financial planning or perhaps more focused on specific needs at that time.  But whichever it is, we will always look at the specific focus in conjunction with an overall financial plan in mind.